Open source

At Bedrock we strongly believe in open source. We push our team members to publish their work and demand the same for our contractors.

We use open source on a daily basis. For production servers or on our workstations. Contributing to open source is a simple and ethical way to give back to all the people contributing too.


Here some projects open sourced:

  • Coke is a Shell/Bash command using PHP Code Sniffer allowing rules management per project
  • Babitch and BabitchClient is a project to record foosball scores, archive them, and make them easily accessible
  • GitHubEnterpriseArchive allows to archive and graph your GithubEnterprise timeline
  • GitHubTeamReviewer is a monitoring tool that allows you to quickly view all Github pull requests of your teams and their statuses
  • HttpToGelf is a node.js http to gelf logger
  • HttpToStatsd is a node.js http to statsd logger
  • JenkinsLight is a build monitoring tool (buildwall) that allows you to quickly detect failing projects for Jenkins
  • JenkinsTerminalColors is a very lightweight Chrome extension that provides terminal colors in all console panels of Jenkins. It uses black Solarized theme
  • SeyrenLight is an other monitoring tool (buildwall) that allow to quickly show failing Seyren checks
  • VigoJS is a (small) Javascript tool using CasperJS and PhantomJS to make easily functional tests on web applications
  • BedrockStreaming/pr-size-labeler is a configurable Github action that dynamically adds size labels to Pull Requests based on the size of the diff and the number of modified files.
  • BedrockStreaming/prescaling-exporter is a prometheus exporter which allows applications to be staggered over time or an event with a multiplier.

Bundle and libs

Contribution to open source projects

Throught GitHub we participated to the improvement (we hope so) of many open source projects: